We curate collections and awaken spaces.

private clients

We guide clients through the art acquisition process offering works from studios, galleries, private dealers, estates and auctions to curate meaningful and personalized art collections. We provide extensive art market research for acquisitions and provide appraisals in accordance with the Uniform Standards for Professional Appraisal Practice. Fine art transportation, framing and installation services are also managed.

corporate collections

 We provide consultation services for building and managing corporate art collections. Beginning with an introductory meeting, we discuss the budget, time frame and layout for the office spaces. We then provide a selection of fine art options that reflect the company's mission, values and aesthetics. Services also include framing and onsite installation, collection management and an insurance appraisals.

cultural institutions

 We assist in strategic planning, research and connoisseurship for art acquisitions and the de-accession process. Our services include inventory cataloguing, condition reports, fine art storage solutions, art handling and transportation, framing options, installation design and insurance appraisals. We take great care to provide confidentiality and privacy in managing both large and small collections.